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Construction projects require a large number of documents and data ranging from blueprints, drawings, planning docs, invoices, work orders, site images, and more. Construction software companies may need to integrate a myriad of content sources - including specialized apps for construction, or source documents from general-purpose platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive. Kloudless can help consolidate these diverse sources and make it easy to integrate them.

If an application needs to allow its users to access construction project management documents, project drawings, and images from platforms like PlanGrid, Procore, Bluebeam Studio, or Autodesk BIM360 and A360 Drive, a developer can now use the Kloudless Storage API to access project documents and information in other storage services. Through the use of the Kloudless File Explorer, applications can effortlessly allow access to project data from within your app, in addition to data from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte, and more.

Kloudless’ abstraction layer maps data that is not in a file-system hierarchy, such as project drawings and associated sheets, into a file-and-folder hierarchy, so that it can be easily integrated. End-users may access files and documents in any system then sync and transfer to a construction applications seamlessly.

See it in action below:


  • Supported Construction Software Platforms:
    • Bluebeam Studio
    • Autodesk BIM360 and A360 Drive
    • PlanGrid
    • Procore
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